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RO10835 - Z21 MultiMaus

Z21 MultiMaus



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Economically priced operating device with many possibilities. Several Z21 multiMAUS devices can be operated on the system at the same time. Brightness-adjustable display.

Up to 9999 locomotive addresses can be operated with direct input; 64 can be stored in a data bank and labeled with names: for example 103RB (103 red-beige). Per locomotive up to 31 functions (including headlights) can be activated if the machine has been equipped accordingly.
The locomotives can alternatively be operated with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps; this can be basically defined but if needed it can be changed and adapted for each locomotive on demand.

With two different ways of programming you can adjust your locomotive decoder according to your own wishes: The most important CV values from one to five are accessible with the button combination "MENU" and 1-5, the total of 1024 possible CV values can be addressed with the programming menu. Of course, depending on the decoder configuration, all values up to 255 can be programmed.
Readout of CV 1 - 1024 is possible in connection with Z21 or readout capable digital control centre.

Turnout mode:
The Z21 multiMAUS can switch up to 2048 magnetic devices! These elements have to be equipped with an electric device and be connected to a magnetic device decoder. The programming of the magnetic device decoder is done electronically via the tracks.

Supported data transfer protocol: X-Bus 4.0 Slave

- Firmware updateable

- Z21 multiMAUS
- Connection cable
- Manual