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F Coal
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Home-grown and produced for the enthusiasts of S.A.R.

It was always a long term goal to produce a truly South Australian locomotive. After the success of a series of S.A.R. goods wagons, and advancing to produce the iconic Centenary coaches, our choice of prototype for the first locomotive wasn’t an easy one. Too many interesting projects beckoned.
Finally we are proud to announce the

S.A.R. F class 4-6-2T


Photo courtesy NRM Collection

The F class tank loco is a very important locomotive of the classic S.A.R. period. At the beginning of the 20th century it became obvious that the existing small locomotives were no longer sufficient to pull the heavier trains on an increasing suburban network. But rather than sourcing existing designs from overseas, our famous Islington Workshops built an initial prototype in 1902. Two more were built by James Martin in 1904, before production started in earnest from 1908. By 1922 a total of 43 engines had been built which provided the backbone of suburban transport up until successively being replaced by the Redhen railcars. In the later years they still provided services on metropolitan goods trains and shunting duties with two units still in service in 1967.

Over the years the F class has undergone the usual modifications. Most notable the adding of hungry boards to increase coal capacity, shifting the pump and different stacks. In the later years some were converted to oil firing, which added a rather ugly contraption to the back of the locomotive. Three have been preserved to this day.


Photo courtesy NRM Collection

For our production of the S.A.R. F class we will concentrate initially on the later versions. Our proposed production run is as follows:

OR600 F Class, Coal, restored museum version
OR601 F Class, Coal #1
OR602 F Class, Coal #2
OR605 F Class, Oil #1
OR606 F Class, Oil #2

The running numbers and model details will be finalised in the coming months. We anticipate that the price will be approximately $550 each, however this may vary depending on any major exchange rate fluctuations.
In the meantime good quality photographs of the period other than the regularly published ones are appreciated.